Do you smell the Spring? I do.

I do.  I know that sounds crazy but I do.  I have always been able to smell the change of season also the sky changes color and of course the animals are more active.  Out here in Brooklyn there is tons of activity in preparation for Imbolc which means in the milk!  Meaning of course by Feb 1 the baby animals are born and nursing.  So in about a month they are born so now they are conceived or already have been! Squirrels are out looking for food and cats are howling outside and the birds are active and fighting for nest space.

Its all there if you look for it, even in the city!  I am very lucky as I live in a wonderful place where there are several big parks and accessnature-sky-sun-winter-sunset-tree-snow-wallpaper-1 to the waterways of NYC.  There are lots of animals here.

I am already noticing the trees getting ready to swell.

Look up. Pay attention.  So many people are depressed at this time of the year.  They hate the cold and the dark but we need both to survive.  It is now getting close to the time of rebirth, the God has Risen, the sun is up higher in the sky and we are on our way to a new Spring and growth.

Time to prepare for your Spring  cleaning and planting so that by February 1 you are ready to start your sprouts and get all the winter doldrums and dust out of your home and your mind.

I can’t wait!




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