Witches Money Magic Bottle

Hand made, full of herbs, oils and magic. I have included a witches ladder both inside and out on this one buit each bottle is made by individually for you. I can also do bottles for any need you have including love spells, fertility spells, fame spells, job hunting spells and MORE. Get in touch at themagicalapothecary@gmail.com or go to ETSY to pick one up!




All About Yule

How to decorate, celebrate and the origins of the holiday!

Why is it that people think Witches are evil?


Interesting talk with Jay Michaels of Channel I about witchcraft, its history, why people are afraid of witches.  



The Magic of Herbs and Foods to Prevent Colds and Flu for Winter


We look at the idea of magic and science and how some vitamins (many natural), herbs, and foods help us to prevent illness in the winter.  Also, a bit about what our ancestors used in magick and healing.