FEEDBACK (see ebay store for more)


“… adorable goddess soaps, fast shipping, pleased with all purchases!”


“great soap, beautiful design, smells good, would buy again.”


“Absolutely the best soap and so unusual…”


“This is beautiful and healing soap!”


‘Beautiful, fragrant, healing soap.”


“Perfectly wonderful soap! … I love this… great for a man too!”


“… excellent communication & highly scented soaps!!”


“Extremely accurate, caring and insightful. Truly amazing tarot card reading.”


“Oh my! This is the most beautiful authentic herbal soap!



“The special healing soap the Apothecary made for me to get through my chemotherapy has really helped me mentally and healed my skin.”

Pat M. (Scranton)

“I used this spell kit and within a week had a girlfriend. NO kidding!!”

–Robert L. (Brooklyn)

“I ordered money soap because I wanted to move and I ended up getting a loan to help me do so. I would have never believed it.”

–Jay M. (Queens)

“I washed with the Venus soap just because I liked the smell and did not realize how sexy it would make me!! 2 guys in one week….thanks!”

–Lauren P. (Baltimore)


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