Blessed Midsummer!!!

Listening now to music on the longest day of the year.  Praise the Greenman. Praise the Goddess of the Earth.  Welcome the dark!

I always found it amazing that on the longest day of the year we begin to see the dark again.  As soon as this day is past the days grow shorter. We don’t usually notice for a while in the Northern Hemisphere until Fall.  It is Winter Solstice today below the Equator. The shortest day.

I had a short conversation today with one of my neighbors.  I take it as the voice of the Goddess coming through a common woman, very not pagan! She stopped to watch me pick off dead leaves and flowers from my lovely stoop garden here in Brooklyn.  She said that it so lovely to see such growth this year and how it’s so close to the end of summer even though it’s all just begun! She went to say before we know it we will be getting ready for Christmas again. She didn’t realize that she’s actually seeing the world between the dark and light sides of the year just like our ancestors did. Of course, this woman is a gardener so she’s right on track in understanding growth, death and rebirth.

I was quite happy to have heard the Goddess’ voice in my ears…through her voice today.

I had almost forgotten that today is Summer Solstice or Litha.  How could I have? Silly me!

I have been in a very rapid growth phase, just the same as my plants are.  Now I know its time to prepare for harvest coming up. August 1st Lughnasadh is right around the corner…and my work is too. An end to a very rapid period of work ending as I settle in to look over what I have done since Winter Solstice.

My sweet Goddess has blessed me in so many ways.

Today I pause to say thank you to her and to her wonderful consort the Greenman. To nature itself. To this amazing Earth, we live upon. To my loves…my sweet husband, a wonderful son and my kitties as well as all of those I have taught, shared with and worked with this year.  I am very blessed to have all these amazing souls in my life.

You too dear reader.  May your growth be abundant. May the Goddess surround you with growth and power.

Hail Cernunnos! Hail.



One of my favorite…sexy holidays! I love this day. Full of flowers and love and sex.

So much to be grateful as well…even though the winter wanted to keep destroying us it did not make it to this day! We are in Spring. The God has returned in his green and the Goddess is apparentbeltane everywhere.  Many blessings to you as well. May you be fruitful.

Day 1 Magic and Medicinals. What our Ancestors Knew.

Purple coneflowers

Day 1 Magic and Medicinals. What our Ancestors Knew. By The Magic Apothecary.

Disclamer: The following information is of an educational and general nature and should not be construed as legal advice. You should consult appropriate written and professional sources to answer questions related to your individual situation. Exercising one’s rights often entails some element of risk, and you should verify all information relevant to your situation before acting; the author and publisher disclaim any responsibility or liability for any loss incurred as a consequence of the use of any information herein.

Today marks day, one in our daily series of Magic and Medicinals. Lot of people, I know are sick right now, because it’s cold and it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, and a lot of people have been all together for the holidays here, and there’s been a nasty chest cold going around, especially in the United States. Did you know that Echinacea has been used for centuries for both treating colds, flu viruses, skin eruptions, infections and also was used for centuries to rebuke the devil and demons and to cleanse a home or body of anything evil. People used to believe that when they were sick it wasn’t necessarily something they caught from someone else, but actually some evil force which inhabited their body, and they knew that if they took echinacea root, from the purple cone flower that grew above it, they would feel better and get the devil out of their chest,! So if you’re not feeling really good right now, it might be a good time to explore this wonderful herb and find out what other people have known for quite a long time. Look for information every day coming up this year, 365 days of herbal information.




Wreaths for Sabbats

I have 8 wreathes I made years ago and that I update yearly that represent the Sabbats. This one is Yule! I make for these people too. Write if interested. Cost is negitiable based in size.


It’s a beautiful day here in NYC. The Sun God has risen and is shining his light upon us.  I stayed up to welcome him and am glad I did because it was a glorious sunrise.  Multiple blessings to all my friends and may you have a wonderful season of rebirth!


Some Music for you:



Mabon was my First!

fall tree



Over Twenty years ago I was working in a Veterinary Hospital as a receptionist in the East Village. It was across the street from the original Enchantments store.  At that time at best I was deeply into New Age things.  Meditation and Herbalism included as well as raising energy and working with color and music, angels, spirits and working as a reader and a medium. My Great Grandmother on my Italian side was a Strega but even though my Dads mother my Grandmohter passed on her mothers knowledge to me in cards and palm readings and even though I had been reading books on magic and witchcraft since I was a small girl, I was terrified of this store.

I imagined it was full of evil people doing terrible things. You know, what everyone kind of thinks of witches! I had been in once for a reading a few years before this but I was so terrified I almost ran out.

Now, daily I looked at this store with its interestingly scary, sexy and colorful decorations for each holiday that witches celebrated always changing in the main window.  I would have heart flutters and an exciting feeling in my belly every time I passed it.  I would sit in my receptionists chair looking at it an desperately wanting to go in. I eventually would walk over there and look at the window.  Never going in.

One day I did.

It happened to be a day or two before Mabon.  The people in the store were lovely and kind and a bespectacled man (Joe Zukowski, later to become my teacher) asked me what I was looking for.  I told him just to try a little something.  He said, “Well the holiday is today, there’s some nice incense we just made up at the counter. Why not just sit and let it fill your space?” I took a sniff of the little wax paper bag with its hand written word MABON across it.  I didn’t know what Mabon was and so I asked only to discover it was just the fall equinox and something I paid attention every year of my life (thanks to my Irish Catholic mother and Italian Grandmother who both acknowledged these yearly turning points in different ways) and so, I bought the little bag, a candle carved for the holiday with scary symbols and some oil.  I went home, prepared a wonderful dinner for my little son and burned it and yes, let it fill my space.

I never turned back.  Mabon was my first holiday.  Its where I stepped on the Wheel of the Year.  Within a year I would be student of Joe’s and studying Wicca at Enchantments, going to multiple rituals with people I grew to love deeply.  I have been a practicing witch since that day so long ago. That day the Goddess claimed me.

It was surely my harvest.  I had been on the path unknowingly for all of my life to that point and that day I knew it.

That day I began a path full of blessing and wonder.

I have never lost my wonder and excitement.  May you enjoy yours.

Blessed Mabon.  Blessed Harvest.