I have a great ETSY


featuring all of the most commonly requested spells made in our fun and easy to use way.

Easy magic? Yep you bet.  Soaps for the shower, perfumes, lotions, makeup and candle spells made just for you.

productsI create spells for my clients one at a time.  I ask why and I create them for the person.  I do  NOT do spells FOR people but give people all they need in order to get what they desire.  Each spell is created by hand using only organic, natural ingredients.  I am an herbalist and aromatherapist as well as a witch. I use crystals, herbs, color, chanting, music and the movement of the planets to make your spell work.

I have had many happy clients!

Get in touch if you need something you can’t find on Etsy or for a reading or super personalized magic.