REIKI Master Mary Elizabeth Micari – The Magic Apothecary @ The M Center Brooklyn

Reiki @ The M~~ With Mary Elizabeth Micari

I  have spent 30 years working in the theater and film as an actor, singer and director. I have also done work as a make up artist, hair stylist and designer. I am a licensed NYC Cosmetologist I am also a teacher of voice and acting. I have also spent ten years working in Veterinary Medicine as a Practice Manager. Doing all of these things with a variety of people and animals has been and continues to be a little stressful! I began studying Reiki to aid in my own healing after I was diagnosed with a serious auto immune disease. I have found it has been more than helpful it has been life changing.

My Reiki practice has truly helped me change not only my physical being but has caused me to see things quite differently. I am much more centered and calm than I have ever been. My mind in more focused and I am more at peace almost all the time. I am present with my students, free of fears that used to plague me and I am in control of the pain in my body as well.

I have decided to practice Reiki in Bay Ridge for a variety of reasons. There are many here who need healing and really not a variety of places for them to go. I am a community herbalist and healer as well. I find that not only does the community of Bay Ridge Brooklyn benefit from this work but others from other places as well.

I began studying Reiki in 2010 under Joanna Crespo, MBA, Master Reiki Teacher at the New York Open Center. I and in the process of completing a 100-hour Certification Program for the Master Reiki Class (Level 3).

IF you are interested in learning more about me and my artist work go to: and to see more of my spiritual work go to:

I have received structural training and supportive mentoring in the following areas:

Bodywork Techniques – Blood circulation, Blood exchange and detoxification techniques.

Meridians & Organs – Bringing balance to an Organ(s) with their corresponding Meridian. (Meridians are the channels or pathways that carry Qi and blood through the body)

Chakra Balancing – Balances the major energy centers on mental/emotional levels, and the endocrine system on the physical level.

Detoxification – Detox and cleanse the physical system as well as releasing and transforming negative or toxic emotions.

Tanden – Strengthens will power, grounding and vitality, both physically and emotionally.

Reiki Training / Memberships

Joanna Crespo, Reiki Rhapsody
New York Open Center, NY NY
Reiki 3 – 100 Hours Reiki Master Certification Program
Joanna Crespo, Reiki Rhapsody
New York Open Center, NY NY
Reiki 1 & 2, July & August 2013
Reiki Lineage

Lineage (2014)

Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Iris Ishikuro
Arthur Robertson
Samuel Strauss
Margaret Ann Case
Joanna Crespo
Mary Elizabeth Micari
Contact me for an appointment at:

or call 646-338-9282