Sessions and Readings:

(1 – 2 hour sessions)

Herbal Consultations

Using herbs and herbal mixtures to heal and help the client.

Reiki Sessions

Table or chair sessions.  Hands on energy healing.


1-hour private Tarot readings on any subject.


Readings using the client’s natal chart and transits. Any question.


Palm readings any question.

Sound and Music healing

Hour long sessions using voice, percussion, singing bowls, tuning forks and other instruments to heal using vibration and sound as well as music.

Classes in:

(45-minute, 60-minute, 120 or more minutes)

Aromatherapy for Healing and Magick.

Plants have been used for healing, relaxation and meditation since the beginning of time.  Not only have they been used in their natural full form but their oils have as well.  Learn how to work with plant allies in all forms.

We will start just learning to understand them and then we will work together to learn to use them alone, in blends, baths, massage oils, diffusers and in healing and beauty products.

Together we will go through some of the most important oils for healing and for magick to help heal yourself and your friends and family.

Essential oils can be dangerous and are never used internally in this course.

Your course materials include:

* Project booklet with experiences, experiments, and assignments that you complete in your own time — 24 aromatherapy projects to take away!

 Crystal Working

Minerals and rocks given to us by the Earth herself have been used since the beginning of time to focus and move energy, do healing and aid in magick.  In this course you will learn how to use the most common crystals for these needs.  Pre-registration and class supplies required.

Tarot 1 and 2

Beginning Tarot 1 takes you through the Major Arcana the oldest and most mysterious part of the tarot.  We will look at the symbology, colors, myths and ideas behind each of these cards and learn to use them to read for ourselves, friends and family. This is a 6 week/6 hour course.

Tarot 2 takes you through the minor arcana and the combinations of both major and minor arcana.  You will learn to integrate these parts of the decks and understand how to use them in many types of readings. More advance reading techniques are explored. This is a 6 week/6 hour course.

Tarot Advanced

Learn the esoteric meanings of the cards connecting to your higher self and collective consciousness. We will use deep meditation techniques and path working with the cards.  This is a 3 week/3 hour course.

Astrology 1 and 2

Astrology 1

Will teach you the basics of the art of astrology.  This 6 week/6 hour course will give you a very good understanding of the signs themselves, the planets and the houses.   You will learn to draw up a basic chart and start to analysie it.

Astrology 2

This 6 week/6 hour course will go more in depth now introducing the aspects of astrology and the meaning of them.  We will learn to analyze charts of others and our own.

Relationship Astrology

This 3 hour/3 week course takes us into the idea of combing charts, reading a relationship chart and relationship predication.

Reiki 1, 2 and 3

Each of these courses are three hours each.  Each degree will be given though deep meditation and spiritual work.

Past Lives and Reincarnation

Past life regression where you are taken deeply into your subconscious in a safe way to discover who you might have been before! Requires blanket and at least 3 hours.

Guided Meditation for healing and power

2 – 3 hour class where we will take trips into the healing depths of the mind, the spirit and the Gods.

 Witchcraft an introduction.

(Wicca, Santeria, Voudun, Stregeria and more)

In this 6 hour/6 week class we will look at religions practiced all over the world that are Goddess and multi Diety based as well as grounded in ancient understandings of energy and power.

Spell Craft

In this 6 week/6 hours class we will create Spells starting with Magickal oils and herbs and then moving on to create incense, soaps, lotions, perfumes and more. Candle carving and empowerment.  Understanding the phases of the moon and planetary hours for best time to do spells.

Palmistry for Beginners

This 2-3 hour class will show you how to analyze a palm using the lines, bumps, shapes and configurations that we can see.


2 hour class

The history and idea of Wicca as a spiritual path which began in the 1950’s in England founded by a man named Gerald Gardener.

Herbalism 101 for Magic and Medicine

12 weeks/12 hour class

We will study herbs that have helped people for generations.  We will look at each system of the body and which herbs have been used by many to heal them.


We will bring in the same herbs and see how they have been used in magick for centuries to cure and heal as well!

Goddess Centered Sound Healing

I am a certified sound healer.

This 2 hour or more sound soak which will include vocal chant, percussion, harp and strings in a peaceful and healing setting.

This will aid in many different ways.  Discussion afterward for sharing.

Ritual for all Pagan holidays and Moons

(8 Sabbats and 13 Moons)

Fully constructed Sabbat celebrations (Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon, and Samhain) including education and pot luck feast.

Full and Dark moon rituals for meditation, magick, power, release and more based on the astrology of the day.

The PATH Method of Vocal Training for singers and actors or just regular folks™

This weekly class will show students how to open the voice and release its inner beauty using sound healing, reiki, astrology, massage, meditation, chant, herbalism, homeopathy, and even magick.  Using the PATH method (Performing Arts Training Holistically ™) we will work intensely with fear issues for performers and releasing the spirit of the performer by allowing the channel to the divine to open.

Vocal meditation

1 -2 hours meditation using toning, humming, chanting and other types of vocal meditation techniques to find peace, healing and to release toxic energy.


New Classes Starting.

treeMerry Meet!
I run an open, eclectic workshop that covers all aspects of Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Paganism, Herbal work, meditation, chanting and some shamanic practice. I will teach you the all you need to know to begin your practice.

You can work in the privacy of your home on your own time and work with me at set times via Skype, on the phone or in person.

Come if you wish to celebrate every Sabbat as well as some full and new moons with other groups in the NYC area.

Offering Tarot Classes too.

Price for class: $600.00 payment plans available.
Includes Reading materials, exercises, meditations, History of Wicca, Path Workings, Herbal work, Magick, Sabbats and SO MUCH MORE. Guidance via e mail as much as you need and three two hour sessions with me.

Write: themagicalapothecary@gmail.com
Web: themagicapothecary.com


SpellCraft. The Essential Skills of the Witch.


When: May. 23rd. 2015 – Aug. 22nd. 2015
Where: Brooklyn, New York

Spellcraft !!! The  Essential Skills of the Witch.

Event Details: The Magic Apothecary will take you through ten sessions of fun, messy, glorious creation of the magick you want to make. You will be shown how to create magickal mixtures for any working! Oils, soaps, baths, washes, powder, candles and MORE….

Come join us for delightfully powerful and eye opening time.

For information please contact us:

Event Location: 508 83rd Street in Brooklyn
Event TIME Details: 4-6 PM

Directions: R Train to 86th Street Brooklyn

Phone: (347) 492-0534

Website: http://http://themcenter.org/
Website II: http://themagicapothecary.com
Mailing Address: 508 83rd Street Brooklyn, NY

The Magic Apothecary Talks About Classes, Sessions, Lessons and MORE

Take a listen

Pagan Path/Witchy 101 Classes NYC

The Magic Apothecary Pagan Path Workshops Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Age Range/Type: Adult
Located in: Brooklyn, New York, New York


Spiritual Path: Eclectic Wicca
Status: Established Group
Community Support: Open Circles…

Merry Meet!

We are an open, eclectic workshop that covers all aspects of Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Paganism, Herbal work, meditation, chanting and some shamanic practice.

We offer weekly (based on schedule of space) workshops on Saturday afternoons in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. 45 minutes from midtown Manhattan and close to the Verazzano and Outerbridges.

We also celebrate every Sabbat as well as some full and new moons.

Offering Tarot Classes at same space too.

Price for class: $20
2 hour class

Call 347-492-0534
Write: themagicalapothecary@gmail.com
Web: themagicapothecary.com


Tarot Lessons in Brooklyn New York

Tarot 101!!!

Event Details: Have you always wanted to explore the mysteries of the tarot?

Here is your chance!

Easy to understand and in depth education on the tarot, its history, meaning of cards and how they are used.

You will study Major and Minor Arcana in the Rider Waite Deck and you will have a chance to read for others as well.

Come join us!

Price for class each week is $20 dollars.

To reserve a space: 347-492-0534
or write to: Themagicalapothecary@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!

Event Location: 508 83rd Street in Brooklyn
Event TIME Details: 5-7 PM. Saturdays

Directions: Driving directions by car found easily on Google Maps.

Subway see Hopstop.com

R train to 86th Street

Phone: (347) 4920534

Website: http://gaiasvoice.com/
Website II: http://themagicapothecary.com/
Mailing Address: 508 83rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11209