Ostara Tea & Sympathy

Well, with all the things going on in my life at the moment some things, like putting up my altar wreath (I have one for each Sabbat) and actually making a feast and get together did not happen this year I am afraid. However, tomorrow I will be having high tea in NYC at Tea & Sympathy in the Village with a good friend of mine to mark the day.

I think the Goddess will be happy with our merriment and the inclusion of her in the bustling place full of wonderful English smells and tastes!

Ostara here this year has been tough.  It snowed just before the day and it has been really crazy weather, quite changeable and many are very  coughing!

I was going to begin to go outside more into parks and celebrate the day and I might but I fear I no longer feel really safe to celebrate my religion out in the open considering the political climate of the day.

I am sure I will enjoy many a get together and picnic but athame, chanting, drums and dance will have to be kept private for now.  My magickal practice as well.

I have been through many such changes as a witch. In comes the tide of acceptance and out it goes again as people grapple with the patriarchy and their needs and rights.

I have a public life in which I do come out as a witch but right now I just don’t want to be a target.  I happen to live in a very conservative neighborhood in NYC as well and the danger is real enough for me to pull back.

Its sad but its what I sense I have to do right now. bunny ostara

So, off to tea with my friend and our lovely talk about the Goddess, religion, politics, music and magick.

Many blessings to you and yours and I hope you are having a wonderful turn of the wheel.

Blessed Spring and may all your blessings grow!


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