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Magic anyone? Seriously made with 100 percent organic material, by hand, by me. 25 years of experience as a magic practitioner. Any need and I can create the spell to go with it. I mix them fresh for you and use astrology and the moon as well as magical empowerment on my altar. I make spell kits as well as easy to use bar and liquid soaps, perfumes both spray, and solid, bath salts and bubble baths, makeup, lipstick, even deodorant, and lotions imbued with power and the smell GREAT! Look for new products all the time.
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Day 1 Magic and Medicinals. What our Ancestors Knew.

Purple coneflowers

Day 1 Magic and Medicinals. What our Ancestors Knew. By The Magic Apothecary.

Disclamer: The following information is of an educational and general nature and should not be construed as legal advice. You should consult appropriate written and professional sources to answer questions related to your individual situation. Exercising one’s rights often entails some element of risk, and you should verify all information relevant to your situation before acting; the author and publisher disclaim any responsibility or liability for any loss incurred as a consequence of the use of any information herein.

Today marks day, one in our daily series of Magic and Medicinals. Lot of people, I know are sick right now, because it’s cold and it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, and a lot of people have been all together for the holidays here, and there’s been a nasty chest cold going around, especially in the United States. Did you know that Echinacea has been used for centuries for both treating colds, flu viruses, skin eruptions, infections and also was used for centuries to rebuke the devil and demons and to cleanse a home or body of anything evil. People used to believe that when they were sick it wasn’t necessarily something they caught from someone else, but actually some evil force which inhabited their body, and they knew that if they took echinacea root, from the purple cone flower that grew above it, they would feel better and get the devil out of their chest,! So if you’re not feeling really good right now, it might be a good time to explore this wonderful herb and find out what other people have known for quite a long time. Look for information every day coming up this year, 365 days of herbal information.




Wreaths for Sabbats

I have 8 wreathes I made years ago and that I update yearly that represent the Sabbats. This one is Yule! I make for these people too. Write if interested. Cost is negitiable based in size.


It’s a beautiful day here in NYC. The Sun God has risen and is shining his light upon us.  I stayed up to welcome him and am glad I did because it was a glorious sunrise.  Multiple blessings to all my friends and may you have a wonderful season of rebirth!


Some Music for you:



New Classes Starting.

treeMerry Meet!
I run an open, eclectic workshop that covers all aspects of Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Paganism, Herbal work, meditation, chanting and some shamanic practice. I will teach you the all you need to know to begin your practice.

You can work in the privacy of your home on your own time and work with me at set times via Skype, on the phone or in person.

Come if you wish to celebrate every Sabbat as well as some full and new moons with other groups in the NYC area.

Offering Tarot Classes too.

Price for class: $600.00 payment plans available.
Includes Reading materials, exercises, meditations, History of Wicca, Path Workings, Herbal work, Magick, Sabbats and SO MUCH MORE. Guidance via e mail as much as you need and three two hour sessions with me.



A new beginning at my anniversary.

Wendy Rule, Horses. Take a listen.

It was at this time of the year I began my quest.  I walked into a store called Enchantments in NYC run by a marvelous Wiccan Priestess named Carole Buzone and bumped head on into my next mentor and the navigator of my next phase of life….Joe Zukowski.

I picked up a book by Starhawk named Spiral Dance and I never looked back.

This was my calling and it happened about 20 years ago.  The Goddess called me.  I listened.  It has not always been easy.  IN fact it caused me so many problems and ended relationships and changed me in ways I never expected it to.

Mabon.  1995.

I heard the voice of the Goddess for the first time that fall.  I spend most of my time researching, reading and practicing Wicca in various ways….from that point till this day.

Recently I have had a new calling. To write here. To teach what I know…to give talks, publish, webinars.

Goddess wants me to tell you what I know.

So, I have decided to start this day on our way to Mabon…waning moon in Leo my sun sign…to begin.

I am a Witch.  But more that that I am Goddess.  I am as you are the diving incarnate.  Here for a short time in this body.  I started out doubtful, a woman riddled with dark thoughts and fears.  Under the water of abusive parents and a religion that had no use for me because of my gender …kneeling to a God form that was vicious and mean.  Also an abuser.

The day I found the Goddess was the day I began to breathe.  I was  not young and was already a mother.  Deeply into my thirties was when I found this path but when I opened my first book and did my first ritual I knew I was HOME.

I welcome you to follow my journey from this point if you feel so inclined.  I hope to hear from you about yours.

Today, while mentoring a young woman whose feet have just stepped on the path to the Goddess I knew I must start. Start I have.

Here we go……

Open Doors on May 31st

We have so much planned this week. Besides all of our great voice and music lessons, classes and pagan classes we are having M Band Rehearsal, Master Class Broadway concert rehearsal, a Full Moon ritual, Tarot card readings and Reiki! Wow!!! Come join us at the 5th avenue festival.  We will have our door wide open and here for all to see.  Come visit! May 31 st noon -7 PM M Center 508 83rd Street Brooklyn

SpellCraft. The Essential Skills of the Witch.


When: May. 23rd. 2015 – Aug. 22nd. 2015
Where: Brooklyn, New York

Spellcraft !!! The  Essential Skills of the Witch.

Event Details: The Magic Apothecary will take you through ten sessions of fun, messy, glorious creation of the magick you want to make. You will be shown how to create magickal mixtures for any working! Oils, soaps, baths, washes, powder, candles and MORE….

Come join us for delightfully powerful and eye opening time.

For information please contact us:

Event Location: 508 83rd Street in Brooklyn
Event TIME Details: 4-6 PM

Directions: R Train to 86th Street Brooklyn

Phone: (347) 492-0534

Website: http://
Website II:
Mailing Address: 508 83rd Street Brooklyn, NY

Spellcraft 101 Class Starting on March 7

SpellCraft 101 class beginning on March 7th. 530-730 You will learn how to blend oils, make incense, Carve and create candles, powders, perfumes and much more. IF you are interested get in touch: or call 347-492-0534 Class is given at The M Center for Art and Wellness in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

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