Open Doors on May 31st

We have so much planned this week. Besides all of our great voice and music lessons, classes and pagan classes we are having M Band Rehearsal, Master Class Broadway concert rehearsal, a Full Moon ritual, Tarot card readings and Reiki! Wow!!! Come join us at the 5th avenue festival.  We will have our door wide […]


NYC Pagan Pride announces… NYC Pagan Pride When: Sep. 27th. 2014 Where: New York, New York The Apothecary is at the NYC Pagan Pride!~ Event Details: MEET THE MAGIC! The Magic Apothecary line of hand-made, organic products will be on display: Saturday, September 27, 2014 at New York City Pagan Pride Day Washington Square Park, […]


Mixing and brewing!!! Many herbal products are available as well as magical.  I can blend a healing bath, soap, deodorant or a tincture, a powder or candle. Its not all magick all the time but also the old ways…the ways of the earth. Blends of sacred oils for healing the mind….the body and spirit. Each […]

Who am I? My Witchcraft Bio

I am an initiated member of Memoria, a Protean/Gardnerian Coven. Our line directly descends from Gerald Gardner. I studied with Alexei Kondratiev, well known Celtic scholar High Priest of the Mnemosynides until his death in 2010. Our line directly descends from Gerald Gardner. Memoria run by HP Carole Linda Gonzalez in NYC together with other […]