Bio Reverend Mary Elizabeth Micari Witch. Healer. Minister.

About The Apothecary and Reverend Mary Elizabeth Micari

I don’t use a “witch” name like…Lady this or that. I am not a lady…never was. 😉

I am a Medicine Woman and a healer. I am a witch and carry my genetic ancestral power from both my Sicillian and Irish ancestors.

I began my spiritual journey within the Roman Catholic Church with my Irish Grandmother and at my Italian Grandmother’s knee (an hereditary Italian Witch) learning Tarot Cards and Palm Reading and Laying on of Hands as a little girl. Although initially interested in taking vows in the church, over time I felt pulled to the path of Pagan/Wiccan magic and the nature religion of Wicca. I have worked with our Mother Goddess and the Earth herself as long as I can remember. Working in the earth and with the rhythms of nature was a tradition handed down from generation to generation and within which I learned Celtic magic and worked with the traditional mediumship and magic of my Irish ancestors.

The worship of the Goddess has been with me always be she called Mary or Brigid or Isis.

I have been blessed to have studied with some of the best teachers in NYC and worked in several of the best know witchcraft training programs affiliated with different centers in NYC including, Enchantments Pagan Way with Joe Zukowski in both 1996 and again in 2003, I worked at Magical Realms learning candle magic with Lady Rhea, The Zodiac Lounge with HP Anthony Russell where I studied Crowley, Thelema and ancient Roman Magic and was dedicated to my mother Goddess Hecate in 2000.

I am an initiated member of a Gardnerian Coven in NYC. Our line directly descends from Gerald Gardner. While there I worked with Alexei Kondratiev, well known Celtic scholar High Priest of the Mnemosynides until his death in 2010.

I am also an initiated member of The Fellowship of Isis.

My Herbal teachers include Susun Weed and and Peeka Trenkle, Drew DiVittorio, and David Winston as well as many days of Wild Harvesting with Steve Brill “The Wildman”. I studied and use Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and crystal remedies. I am experienced in all aspects of Paganism including Strega, Santaria, Celtic Wicca, Traditional Wicca and High Magic.

I create powerful magical products under the name The Magic Apothecary since 1996. All is handmade for each client. I do card and astrology readings, Shamanistic healing including work with herbalism and Reiki. I am a Reiki Master trained by Reiki Master Joanna Crespo and I carry both direct lines going directly to Japan. I am also a singer and use my voice in ritual, spells and with my harp, drums and bowls as a certified Sound and Music Healer. I am also a well known Cabaret singer in NYC where I sing about my life and Spirit journey using Jazz and Blues music which celebrates ecstasy and sex magick! I was also a prominent member of The NYC Sirens Chorus which did all Pagan/Wuccan songs for rituals and festivals.

I am a Reverend. A Minister and Priestess of Malchezidek. I am legally able to marry and officiate at funerals as well as attend bedside healing and ritual in all 50 states.

I have been running ritual since 1996 both in private with small groups and in public. I have been teaching in private, in study groups and on line on Facebook, on YouTube and on Podbean.