THE MAGIC is Powerful. Witchcraft made for you!

Magic anyone? Seriously made with 100 percent organic material, by hand, by me. 25 years of experience as a magic practitioner. Any need and I can create the spell to go with it. I mix them fresh for you and use astrology and the moon as well as magical empowerment on my altar. I make spell kits as well as easy to use bar and liquid soaps, perfumes both spray, and solid, bath salts and bubble baths, makeup, lipstick, even deodorant, and lotions imbued with power and the smell GREAT! Look for new products all the time.
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A Chat with Lady Rhea. Witch Queen of NYC, founder of Enchantments NYC and Author.



On Patreon. For as little as a dollar a month you can help me create my art, music, shows healing work and witchcraft work (only good all the time). Help me realize my vision without having to get a day job which will take me away from my work.

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The Podcast!! Yule 2018

Podcast up about Wicca and more!!

I published my new episode Wicca? Krishna Das and The Winter Solstice., please check it out

Me on Samhain and more!


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