Day 3 Magic and Medicinals Angelica What our Ancestors Knew by The Magic Apothecary


Day 3 Herb of the Day! Angleica!

Magic and Medicinals. What our ancestors knew by The Magic Apothecary, Mary Elizabeth Micari

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Angelica (Angelica Archangelica)

Parts Used: roots, stems, seeds, leaves

Angelica is closely related to Dong Quai, which is one of the most respected female tonics in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Angelica has traditionally been used to help bring on a delayed labor and to help expel the placenta following childbirth. Angelica also helps to relieve painful cramping during menstruation.  It has been known to bring on delayed menstruation or Dysmenorrhea. It can help with boating from PMS as well.

It is a warming herb and stimulating to the lungs.  It can be used in colds with congestion and fevers.

Angelica contains compounds that act much like calcium channel blockers, which are often prescribed for high blood pressure.  If you have this condition, please do not use this herb along with other medicines and always consult your herbalist and doctor when choosing any herb.

Angelica is a bitter digestive aid and has been known to calm a nervous stomach and tension-related digestive problems.  The fruit, leaf and root of angelica stimulate digestion, help dispel gas and can calm a stomach of a nervous or anxious person.

It has also been used to stop premature ejaculation in men by rubbing on a salve made from the root or a tincture.

Angelica can be taken in many forms.  The dried root can be taken as a decoction, a boiled tea of sorts and can also be made into tinctures and extracts.  Some people make candy from the long hollow stems. The young leaves can be made into tea and the seeds can also be used as a flavoring in foods.

Angelica root is available in dried form, and as an essential oil. It grows wild in many places, but is not extremely heat tolerant. Use care when wildcrafting, as it resembles both Queen Anne’s Lace (a benign wild carrot) and Water Hemlock (a poisonous plant).

Angelica Side Effects: Because of its coumarin content, it may interfere with anticoagulant drugs. Angelica is a strong emmenagogue (a substance that induces menstruation) and should not be taken by pregnant women. Angelica has coumarin and should not be taken along with blood thinners or aspirin therapy or flax.

 Angelica was associated with many Pagan festivals, and after the introduction of Christianity, the plant became linked with some angelic lore as well. According to legend Angelica was revealed in a dream by an angel to cure the plague. Another explanation for the name is that it blooms on the day of Michael the Archangel (May 8, old-style) and is on that account held to be a preservative against evil spirits and witchcrafts of spells of all kinds, being also called “the root of the holy ghost”.

Angelica is considered a root of magickal feminine power in the African voodun traditions. Angelica is used in many spells to bless newborns, protect against unruly, hurtful men, and protect and purify the home against enemies and unquiet spirits.

Spells and Formulas with Angelica

Carry a piece of Angelica root to bring strength and ward off hexes. Put the root in a white mojo bag for protection, or a yellow one for courage.

Angelica is an ingredient in a Hoodoo working known as the Fiery Wall of Protection.

Add the dried root to incenses, floor washes, and baths to break jinxes and purify the home.

Use Angelica to consecrate amulets of Archangel Michael and all Solar charms.

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