Day Two Magic and Medicinals What our Ancestors Knew. Focus on Goldenseal



Day 2.  Herb or the day Goldenseal (Hydratis Canadensis) Music above for some fun!

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Goldenseal is an herb that used to cover forest floors in abundance but today it has become over harvested and in danger of disappearing.  The reason for this is misuse and overuse by people who believe it is a substitute for pharmaceutical antibiotics (it’s not) and those who believe it will help them pass drug tests (it won’t).

What Goldenseal does do is work very effectively on boggy, swollen mucus membranes.  It can help the body fight infection in these areas but is not an antibiotic.  This herb is used a lot in conjunction with Echinacea for the early stages of a cold or just as a preventative. THIS IS NOT the right way to take this herb it should be used in the later stages of a cold or flu.  It is also anti-fungal and good for long term sinus infections which are mostly not bacterial but are indeed fungal infections.

Goldenseal is an astringent herb.  It fortifies mucus membranes which allows them to remain a strong barrier to the outside world and illnesses that might infect and pass through the membranes. People use both the herb and leaf with good results.  Goldenseal balances the mucus membranes. What is dry it moistens and what is wet it helps to dry.  It is high in berberine as well as other chemicals.  If you are interested in that information, please ask and I will send it to you.

It can be used in digestive disorders like ulcers and IBD.  May help with H. Pylori and has been used in Chinese medicine to balance a sour stomach.  Was used with good success in the past in dysentery outbreaks.

If you use the herb, please look for cultivated forms and not wild gathered.  It needs to replenish itself in the wild.  It is best used in a tincture or powdered form in capsule.  The tea of Goldenseal is so bitter it is hard to take in.

Might be dangerous when pregnant or breast feeding. Check with your doctor or herbalist first.

Dosage varies.  Please use with caution or consult an herbalist (like me!) for dosage based on your condition and health.


As you’d imagine based on what it does in the body this herb is used in magical workings for PROTECTION! Protection from evil and curses.  Also protection from demonic or evil invaders (you know…like viruses and bacteria and fungus).  It is known to bring good luck in health matters and can be ground up with Angelica Root (for another day) for ultimate protection from the earth and the heavens.  It is used in the beds in white cloth of those who are chronically ill or in pain and of course always used in spells for health and to increase power!

Interesting!! So we can use this herb to help our bodies fight off invaders, make our mucus membranes strong and balanced in our sinuses and stomach lining and we can also use it to fight off invaders of the spiritual kind and bring ourselves power!  I love the way magic is medicine and visa versa!

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