A new beginning at my anniversary.

Wendy Rule, Horses. Take a listen.

It was at this time of the year I began my quest.  I walked into a store called Enchantments in NYC run by a marvelous Wiccan Priestess named Carole Buzone and bumped head on into my next mentor and the navigator of my next phase of life….Joe Zukowski.

I picked up a book by Starhawk named Spiral Dance and I never looked back.

This was my calling and it happened about 20 years ago.  The Goddess called me.  I listened.  It has not always been easy.  IN fact it caused me so many problems and ended relationships and changed me in ways I never expected it to.

Mabon.  1995.

I heard the voice of the Goddess for the first time that fall.  I spend most of my time researching, reading and practicing Wicca in various ways….from that point till this day.

Recently I have had a new calling. To write here. To teach what I know…to give talks, publish, webinars.

Goddess wants me to tell you what I know.

So, I have decided to start this day on our way to Mabon…waning moon in Leo my sun sign…to begin.

I am a Witch.  But more that that I am Goddess.  I am as you are the diving incarnate.  Here for a short time in this body.  I started out doubtful, a woman riddled with dark thoughts and fears.  Under the water of abusive parents and a religion that had no use for me because of my gender …kneeling to a God form that was vicious and mean.  Also an abuser.

The day I found the Goddess was the day I began to breathe.  I was  not young and was already a mother.  Deeply into my thirties was when I found this path but when I opened my first book and did my first ritual I knew I was HOME.

I welcome you to follow my journey from this point if you feel so inclined.  I hope to hear from you about yours.

Today, while mentoring a young woman whose feet have just stepped on the path to the Goddess I knew I must start. Start I have.

Here we go……