Sound and Music Healing

I have been quite busy and so that is why there have been no posts.  However, I fully intend to keep up with this as it has become known to me how important reading this is for some.

So we go.

I have completed my Reiki Masterhood.  I did this in April.  I am very proud of this fact and proud to have done my Reiki studies at the NY Open Center with Joanna Crespo of  Reiki Rhapsody.  I studied Reiki for an entire year, not a weekend as many have done.  I am very proud of this and feel that the complete work I did including work with Family Constellations, Kundalini Yoga and Music, Sound and Meditation really pushed me to a new place as both a woman and a Shaman.

I have been saying more and more I am a Shaman.  I am…that I am.

Doing a lot of I AM Work as well!

I find it easy for many to associate Wicca as a Northern European Shamanic Tradition called Witchcraft and what Witchcraft is.  That is for another post though.

Meanwhile I am now blessedly on a Scholarship with the NY Open Centers Sound and Music Institute. This is a year long study into using Sound and Music to heal….and to me to do magick as well as bring these techniques into my music work.

I will be doing a ritual this Yule with several wonderful people in the NYC Pagan scene using the techniques I have learned in these classes! Can’t wait.

I have thus far been introduced to Nacho Arimany and Thomas Amelio.  Using Percussion and movement, the voice and chanting to reach higher and heal and transform.

I have also discovered the voice of our Mother Earth.

Hope you enjoy her song.