Times they are a-changin

I have been, for about two years or more working to expand my knowledge of magic, herbalism, aromatherapy, astrology, tarot, reiki and witchcraft in general.

I am ready to change both this site and me.

I will be upgrading this website to make it more user friendly in the next few months.

I have been offering lesson, readings and more.

Readings are and will be available.  I now do Tarot, Astrology and Spritual Healing work.  Please contact me for that: themagicalapothecary@gmail.com



I will be also creating more advanced versions of what I already have here.  New herbal work will yield things that are not only magically potent but also healing and restorative.

Tisanse…herbal…magical and healing teas will be added.

New Bath products including more advanced soaps and perfume full of organic, sustainably grown and harvested essential oils and imbued with energy.

My study in astrology has informed my work as well and work with planetary hours, auspicious timing and sacred timing will be utilized.


I will no longer leave anything on my shelves waiting to be purchased.  Each individual order will be individually made for each individual customer.

One of a kind based on conversation, readings and timing.

This is not a place where you pay me to do spells for you.  This is a place where I help you create the spells, the supplies and the mindset to create what you want.

This is a place where we work with you to heal you body, mind and spirit.  Where we work with your body’s energies, your chakra, your dreams and your desires for optimal health, stability and union with the divine.

I cook each thing for you…with you….because of you.

Write with questions if you have them: themagicalapothecary@gmail.com