June is one of the most beautiful months in the Northern Hemisphere! Full blossoming roses, green, lush leaves and fruit coming in as well as flower and herbs!
No wonder Shakespeare place a lovely comedy at Midsummer and NO wonder the Solstice is celebrated as well.
The Sun at its height and strength at this time fills us all with light and growing power.
I was blessed to be walking through wild places picking St. John’s Wort, Lavender, Elder flower and Wild Roses.  What a blessing it was to see bees (yes we saw many thank Goddess) buzzing through the flowers and watch the dragonflies scoot over the water.
I was lucky to also celebrate with great fun Litha with my group of students, high on a hill in a park in NYC.  Looking over the children playing, the families barbecuing and with the sounds of traffic in our ears!
Both days were magical and full of surprises.
Take some time to really breathe in the magic of the season and honor the growing things around you.  Urban or Rural it is easy to see the Goddesses handwork everywhere!
Just branching out into more tea blends there are many available now by the pot or by the pound!
From sleepy time teas to women’s blends to men’s health and adrenal rejuvenation blends.
I should have them all up and available to you by summers end.  These blends are magical and healing!
In the meantime perhaps a healing and rejuvenating  bath or some wonderful magical and healing solid perfume? To celebrate the marriage of the God and Goddess.
Take a look here for some ideas:
See you next month!
Bright blessings my friend.