Carved Magical Candles now Available!!

I have quit MAKING candles by hand.  I have found that when I do the candles are not as powerful as they are when I carve, use herbs and empower them and all of my clients agree.

I have BEGUN MAKING MORE POWERFUL candles.  I begin by cleansing the candles under the moon.  I use my hand made oils blended using the finest sustainable and organic oils in the world. I use hand picked or organic herbs and other organic material like spices, flowers, resins and more.  I carve each candle individually for you taking time and using my skill to bring the energy you want into each stroke of the knife.  I will empower your candle with air, fire, water and earth and then let it sit on my altar to receive power for a day or so.  Then I will wrap it with care, send you instructions and get it in the mail or  ready for pick up.

To me this is an artistic, healing, simple way to bring you the candle magic you desire.

Remember that your desire and power will bring the magic.  All I have done is create the supplies for you to have that happen.

I still work on these during the proper zodialogical  cycles and use the moons phases and signs to empower!  In some cases candles take over a week to complete.  Please be patient. 

Below is an example of a candle I made for a mixture of reasons.  All candles are different. Colors, symbols, oils and herbs as well as any art that aids will be selected individually based on your need.


Below are the choices of magical candles I make.  When you order I will also need your name, birth date and if you are doing candles for others or with others I will need their information too.

Please send me an e mail after ordering

Please let me know your choice of candle, birth date, name and any other information you feel is important for me to have.

When ordering indicate type


Here are the choices: 

Love Attracting (bring in the love)
Find New Love 
Bring my Lover Back 
Revitalize my Love
Lesbian Love and Sex
Gay Men’s Love & Sex
Open my Lover’s Heart 
Come to me  My Soul Mate
Love Uncrossing (clears darkness in a relationship) 
Healing our Love 
Magic Love Draw (powerful) 
More Money NOW 
Blessings of Money (asking for money for all)
Road Opener (jobs, luck, relationships opens blocked paths) 
Fast money Help!
Get a new job!
Fast Luck 
Peace and Protection
Weight Loss 
Win At Court 
Get Out of Jail
Sunshine   (for birthdays, depression and darkness)
Decision Making Help
St. Joan (female strength in adversity)
CREATE YOUR OWN (for specific needs not indicated here)