Who am I? My Witchcraft Bio

I am an initiated member of Memoria, a Protean/Gardnerian Coven. Our line directly descends from Gerald Gardner. I studied with Alexei Kondratiev, well known Celtic scholar High Priest of the Mnemosynides until his death in 2010.

Our line directly descends from Gerald Gardner. Memoria run by HP Carole Linda Gonzalez in NYC together with other daughter covens is listed on the Proteus page. http://proteuscoven.com/library.htm

 I am also an initiated member of The Fellowship of Isis’ Druid Clan of Dana in NYC in the Grove Argentum also run by Carole Linda Gonzalez http://webnik.com/dana/frameset.html

 I have been a witch in practice since 1992 but a witch all my life. I studied twice at Enchantments NYC Grove with Joseph Zuckowski and Jezebell both in 1996 and in 2003.

 In 1993 I formed my own working group and then in 1999 studied and initiated into a group dedicated to Hecate.

 I also worked with Lady Rhea at Magickal Realms in NYC http://www.magickalrealms.com/ where I was a tarot reader, did psychic work and learned much of the candle magic that is in this book that Lady Rhea authored:


 I was a member of The Sirens a female pagan choir which perfomred at several Psychic Fairs and rituals in NYC in 2000-2002.

 I have just begun forming my own Pagan Choir. Psallumme! or We Sing! Dedicated to Dionysus.

 I run a non profit theater company. I am a singer both of Opera and Jazz and Blues

I am also a voice teacher.

 I am an actress as well as a hair and make up designer and technician for live theater and film. I am a licensed NYS Cosmetologist.

 I have a BFA in theater arts.

 I am an herbalist currently studying with Peeka Trenkle http://www.peekatrenkle.com/ and I have also studied with Susun Weed http://www.susunweed.com/Wise-Woman-Center.htm

 I have been reading Tarot cards and palms since I was a child. My Great- Grandmother and my Grandmother were both well known Strega in my neighborhood and in their town of origin in Italy.

 I am currently studying Astrology with Tom Lescher http://newparadigmastrology.com/

 I am a healer, a teacher and always a student.