WANT A SPELL? Here’s how we do it!

What do you need?   Money · Love · Clarity · Confidence · Strength ·Good Health?

The Magic Apothecary has special mixtures made from all-natural herbs and oils to help you attain these goals and she makes them available in easy-to-use forms.

Imagine: Love potions in Soap … Money magic in perfumes … Health remedies in teas and honeys!

Soak in love … Drink in good health … Wear great wealth …

The Magic Apothecary: Mix your desire into Baths · Candles · Deodorants ·Honey (Herb-Infused) · Teas · Incense · Lotions · Oils · Make-Up/Toiletries ·Perfumes · Powders · Shampoo · Soaps · Wands/Charms · and much more!

Ask about our Astrological Charts · Psychic Readings · and how to host aWitchy-Wear Party!


Love?  Passion?  Money ? Health? Removing Curses? Get out of Jail?


We can help you by creating personalized spells for your specific needs AND THEN WE TEACH YOU HOW TO USE THEM!!!

Your magic done by you is the strongest there is.  We can help!

The Apothecary can blend anything  into any  form depending on your needs and desires.

Spells come in Candle, Powder, Lotion, Incense, Baths, Perfumes, Oils and more!

We  create the objects you will need to preform your magic, empower them for you and send you instructions on how to use  them to do your work 

All shipped to you… Discreetly.

The Apothecary does not do the magic for you but will aid you in focusing on your goals and achieving them.

The Apothecary will not participate in any black magic or hexes.  The Apothecary will never aid in cursing.

The Apothecary recommends you consider a Tarot Reading to find the proper way to do your magic. You can find information on readings on the sidebar.

Consultation Fee: $ 25.00

Consultation does not include Tarot Reading. Consultation includes approx. 30 minutes phone time and e- mail follow up.Spells cost  between:

$20.00 and $100.00 or more depending on need.  This price does not including shipping.

Price depends on the type of magic being made for you and the cost of its ingredients and time.  After consultation, you will be sent an invoice via e-mail for your personalized magic.  You can pay easily through Pay Pal on line.

Once we receive payment we begin our work for you.

Please feel free to reach out to us by e mail:



call: 347-492-0534

Please feel free to browse our other listings to see what types of work we do and to get an idea of how we create magic items for you.