Tarot Card Readings.


So much in life is unknown.  It is hard to decide which road to take sometimes when there are so many options available.  I read cards to help and heal.  I am able to not only see what needs to be done for your best life choices but can also help you get on the right path by offering healing advice and creating spells and herbal mixtures to aid you on your journey.  I am a very experienced spiritual councilor and will only work for your greater good.


Get in touch if you are interested.



Special reading.  One on one.  Come explore.

I AM located in NYC and can travel to meet you in a peaceful public setting of your choice.

We will sit and read and learn what we must do in order to have you get to the goals in your life.

I will spiritually advise and discuss spiritual workings that may help you.

These sessions take at least one hour.

About The ApothecaryThe Apothecary is an experienced Pagan-Wiccan Shaman. Around and within the New York City Pagan Community for almost 20 years. The Apothecary has studied with the best teachers in the city and upstate NY, read thousands of books and worked in several of the best know witchcraft stores NYC has to offer. Herbal teachers include Susun Weed and Steve Brill as well as many others. Experienced in all aspects of Paganism The Apothecary has worked in Santaria as well as Wicca and other types of magic.

The Apothecary has also been reading the Tarot for 40 years. Great readings that are accurate and will guide you in the correct direction are a guarantee. The Apothecary counts clients amongst some of the most famous in NYC (Actors, Singers, Politicos) and many great and beautiful non-famous as well. Each reading will take the reader to the depths of their problems and together a path towards a solution will be discovered.

The Apothecary takes great pride in offering you only the highest quality services and products. Please give them a try and you will most certainly be satisfied.