Hail and Welcome to the Magic Apothecary Store!

Hail and Welcome to the Magic Apothecary Store!
Make your self comfortable. Grab a cup of our special herbal tea, light a sacred candle, burn a magical incense and let’s begin…

Here you can find many hand made and one of a kind items including Incense, soaps, baths, oils, candles, wreaths, wands, staffs, make up and beauty supplies, lotions, herbs, herbal mixtures and so much more. We are in the process of building up inventory for you.

Everything we make is 100% natural. We use all organic materials, none of which are tested on animals. We make each item one at a time no mass production! Each item is made in accordance with the laws of the sacred. Always made on the day and usually the time that is the most powerful for the working in question, always made in magic circle and empowered fully. Each item is ready to go. You do not have to pull all the ingredients together in order to make magic, we have done it for you. Candles have herbs and oils already in them, incense is blended to sacred perfection and all oils are made to work 100%. Each hand-made item is made in a 100% clean environment. The Apothecary is also a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist and understands how to be sanitary in all situations and knows what works for skin, nails and hair as well.

Each item is made to help you magically. You can also use many of our handmade organic items to heal you through aromatherapy and herbal therapy.


We work with the Moon, planets and tides in order to guarantee you the most potent spell you can buy anywhere.

We will send you a detailed ingredient list if for our soaps, baths, body blends and cosmetics. Just go to the contact page and feel free to get in touch any time.

We guarantee you will save money by buying our spells and potions!!
As of now we are fully stocked with what you see on this website and will be continuing to make more and more items. As said above each item is hand made and all take time. Each of these are time honored mixtures guaranteed to work for you or yours. We also take special requests and will create personalized items for you as well. Allow at least 6 weeks for shipping of these items. Please see our contact page for more information.

About The Apothecary
The Apothecary is an experienced Pagan-Wiccan Shaman. She is a Psychic, Wiccan, Empath. Around and within the New York City Pagan Community for almost 20 years. The Apothecary has studied with the best teachers in the city and upstate NY, read thousands of books and worked in several of the best know witchcraft stores NYC has to offer. Herbal teachers include Susun Weed and Steve Brill as well as many others. Experienced in all aspects of Paganism The Apothecary has worked in Santaria as well as Wicca and other types of magic.

The Apothecary has also been reading the Tarot for 40 years. Great readings that are accurate and will guide you in the correct direction are a guarantee. The Apothecary counts clients amongst some of the most famous in NYC (Actors, Singers, Politicos) and many great and beautiful non-famous as well. Each reading will take the reader to the depths of their problems and together a path towards a solution will be discovered.

The Apothecary takes great pride in offering you only the highest quality services and products. Please give them a try and you will most certainly be satisfied.