Back from a Goddess Festival!

FOI Goddess Festival Chicago Sept 28 2012


I was blessed and very happy to be able to attend the Fellowship of Isis Goddess Festival in Chicago IL this past weekend.  I am an initiated member of Fellowship of Isis and participate in a Grove here in NYC called Grove Argentum which is a part of the Druid Clan of Dana.  I was asked to do a workshop at the Chicago branches Goddess Festival this past weekend.  I was very glad to do so!

I had not been on a plane for over 20 years and after the initial shock of super security and rushing to sit still in airports, I  was excited to fly away on the wings of Isis to a most fantastic city and to meet some of the nicest and most spiritual people I have encountered in a long time.  Chicago has a very different energy than New York where I live and have lived my whole life.  Chicago is a tough city on the outside but inside soft and sweet…like it’s pizza!  After traveling with my friend and Priestess Carole Linda back and forth on the “L” we landed into the home of leader of this FOI group and were immediately accepted and honored!  I gave a workshop the next day on clearing Chakra energy through singing, color and using Goddess energy.  I think it went well.  There was much energy raised and shiny happy faces afterwards!

I don’t have pics of that yet but above is a energy shot (that is what I call it I took tons of pics for the group) of the lovely ritual that this group gave later that day.  I was honored to be there to witness it.  Decompressing now and getting ready to host Samhain in my home!


Blessings !!!

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