Below is one of the fantastic shapes we have available…also our new Dragonfly shape for summer.

Massage bars available now in these formulas:

Sensual oils will fill your body, mind and soul with a scent that is guaranteed to seduce and open the senses to love and lust.

Lavender and other essential oils will lull you to a sleepy, dreamy state where all worries wash away.

Healing and Arthritis:
Warming and healing essential oils aid in the healing of many diseases through aromatherapy and through their power to heal and warm. Releives inflammation with Essential Oils and EMU Oil. Fantastic for the skin.

Each bar contains beeswax, oils of avocado and olive as well as grape seed. Organic Essential Oils like Lavender, Clove Bud, Frankincense and more depending on formula. A full list of ingredients will be sent to you if you wish. Use these to massage and releive tension. Not for use in or on genitals, mouth, eyes or any broken skin. Not to be used internally. Please feel free to drop us an e mail if you have any questions at