WITCHY-WEAR PARTIES Discounts and Fun for All.



Our Witchy- Wear parties!  You can house a party (just like Tupperware does) in your home or the home of a friend and get tons of free products.  You will receive a free basket of magickal goods just for having the party and you will receive a $20 dollar gift certificate for each $100 your guests order.

Clients in NYC will have access to The Apothecary herself and for a small donation of $25 per guest she will come to your party and lecture and help you create your own magick (minimum guests 10) and do Tarot and Psychic readings for all!

Outside of NYC The Apothecary will be available on chat or webcam for readings and lectures as well for only $10 per guest!  (minimum 10 guests)


So what are you waiting for book your Witchy- Wear Party now and start the magick!


Call: 347-492-0534 or write to themagicalapothecary@gmail.com to arrange